The V.I.P. List

Be a part of the adventure:

Following in the footsteps of Jazz Royalty

Well, does being the vocalist daughter
of the greatest
Jazz SWING bassist 
of the Count Basie Big Band
make HER Jazz royalty?

Many would say a resounding, YES!

My name is Karen Jones and my father, Eddie Jones,
bass with Count Basie’s Big Band
in the great 
Swing era of the 50’s.

No need to kiss my ring, but applause
at the end of
a song would be greatly appreciated.

All kidding aside, I am proud to be Eddie Jones’s daughter.
I grew up with that huge BIG BAND BRASS SOUND
with my 
father thumping away in the powerful rhythm section.

I remember listening…..watching….being purely fascinated
with the many “uncles” (members of the band) playing so perfectly!