The V.I.P. List

Be a part of the adventure:

I'm going to San Diego, California -YOWZA!!
Wanna Join the Party?

Whoohoo!! I’m going to San Diego!

I’ve only been there once before and that was only passing through…..I’m excited and can’t wait to begin this adventure!

What adventure you ask?

Well, if you’ve followed my blog in the last few months you will know a little bit about my latest online business….

I joined Dubli, the best CASHBACK shopping mall online and therefore, became an immediate member of Team Wukar!

How does it get any better than that?

We’ll soon find out. 

I invite whoever is curious or interested in starting a home based business to join us in San Diego, California on Friday, November 7th 2014, the day our event is open to the public.
Westin San Diego Gaslamp Quarter 910 Broadway Circle • San Diego, CA 92101